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Edited by the Electronicstalk editorial team May 28, 2002

Protel DXP - the latest version of Altium's Protel board-level design system - has been released for external beta testing after successfully completing internal testing.

Protel DXP - the latest version of Altium's Protel board-level design system - has been released for external beta testing after successfully completing internal testing.

Protel DXP is on track for final product release in July.

"We are very pleased with the way the Protel release has come together", says Phil Loughhead, Altium's Product Manager for Protel.

"Protel DXP has passed through our internal testing stages, and this beta release to external customers will provide valuable feedback that will allow us to produce a stable and mature final product".

The beta version of Protel DXP has been released to a select group of Altium customers that includes engineers, designers and developers who will use and test the software on a wide range of computer systems and environments.

The beta testers are in constant email communication with the Altium development team to provide user feedback that can be incorporated into the final product.

"Protel DXP represents a major technological upgrade to both the Protel product line and our Design Explorer technology platform.

We are therefore eager to gauge customer reaction to the interface and technology enhancements included in the release", says Loughhead.

"User feedback from our internal testing has been very positive and has given us valuable insights into how to refine the product".

Protel DXP represents the most significant upgrade to the Protel product line since the move to Windows.

The Design Explorer technology platform has been completely re-engineered and significantly enhanced to provide a more responsive and tightly integrated design environment that will support a wide variety of design processes.

On top of this enhanced platform, Protel DXP delivers designers a host of ground-breaking PCB features such as Situs, Altium's next-generational topological autorouter; native support for multichannel design and design variants; enhanced error checking and synchronisation; and the integration of VHDL design entry into the board design environment.

Protel DXP's enhanced PCB features are coupled with a highly optimised graphical user interface (GUI) and significant project-management features that address the needs of the PCB design process as a whole, rather than from a point-tool perspective.

While Protel DXP features a host of generational improvements, as well as new technologies and a level of integration not seen before in desktop PCB design software, pricing for Protel DXP will remain in line with the current Protel 99 SE product.

Protel DXP will be the first of a number of significant product releases from Altium scheduled for 2002/03.

With this next generation of the highly successful Protel product line, Altium continues to break down barriers to innovation and technological advancement by providing every engineer, designer and developer with easy access to the best possible design tools.

Protel DXP will be ready for final product release in July.

New licenses will be US$7995 and upgrades will start at US $1995.

For more detailed information on pricing please see the product preview section on the Protel website at:

Existing Protel customers who are members of Altium Total Support (ATS) programme will be shipped the new version free of charge as part of their ATS membership.

Customers wishing to secure immediate delivery of Protel DXP as soon as it is released can purchase the current Protel product - Protel 99 SE - which comes with 12 months free membership to Altium Total Support (valued at US$1995), thereby guaranteeing they receive Protel DXP free of charge as soon as it is released.

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