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Product category: Compliance Engineering
News Release from: TUV Product Service | Subject: RoHS Total Lifecycle Solution
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 18 July 2005

Full service has
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A new service aims to assist equipment producers in understanding their obligations under the RoHS Directive, demonstrating compliance and communicating their objectives through the supply chain

From 1st July 2006, all equipment within the scope of the RoHS Directive must comply with restrictions on the use of six hazardous substances, in particular lead. With a year to go to this deadline, TUV Product Service/BABT, the international market access solutions provider, has launched its RoHS Total Lifecycle Solution to assist equipment producers in understanding their obligations under the RoHS Directive, demonstrating compliance and communicating their objectives internally and through the supply chain.

This unique solution is applicable anywhere within the product lifecycle.

For producers new to the directive, TUV PS/BABT provides a competitively priced suite of consultancy offerings through a partnership with technical information provider ERA Technology.

It includes a quick guide, a one-day public course, a half-day bespoke RoHS familiarisation review, and a one-day awareness course for up to 50 people within an organisation.

An RoHS mark can be placed on equipment, packaging and product-related advertising following certification of a product, which involves a technical file assessment and a one-day audit of the manufacturing system.

There is an option for either technical file assessment or manufacturing system audit as a statement of RoHS readiness for the product or the manufacturing process respectively.

The TUV PS/BABT Production Certification Scheme provides an assessment of ongoing controls and processes used in manufacture.

This will assist in the demonstration of due diligence for initial and ongoing compliance of products, demonstrating capability for RoHS compliant manufacture through a RoHS ready certificate, and conferring the option of using the RoHS mark on a segment of the industry-respected Octagon logo.

Replacing lead solder with a suitable alternative can often lead to PCB redesign, which can jeopardise compliance with other EU directives.

For this eventuality, TUV PS/BABT has developed a range of services including: an expert RoHS risk assessment with a recommendation of a course of action for either individual or multiple directives; a RoHS robustness check (RoRo) which compares 'old' and new products, using highly accelerated life testing (HALT) and providing confidence in the change in robustness; a similar RoRo check for new products; and a full range of EMC, telecomms and safety CE marking testing and environmental simulation services.

As RoHS legislation will evolve over time, TUV PS/BABT has developed an information update service, which can also be customised as a RoHS radar service to review and report changes against specific client requirements or scope of activity.

This service is supported by a RoHS compliance portal ( presenting background information, useful links, an introduction to the RoHS Total Lifecycle Solution, an opportunity to sign up for updates, and more.

Chris Baird, Marketing Manager of TUV PS/BABT and developer of the RoHS Total Lifecycle Solution approach states: 'TUV PS/BABT has a long and successful history of developing innovative products to assist clients in overcoming technical barriers to trade'.

'ERA Technology is a leading provider of RoHS Directive technical consultancy services, and an ideal partner as an independent technical information provider'.

'Our combined skills, coupled with expertise spread throughout the world, position us to offer a total compliance solution delivering a smooth transition to RoHS compliant products for, and beyond, 1st July 2006'.

Dr Chris Robertson, Head of ERA's Reliability and Failure Analysis Group, adds: 'Clients of TUV PS/BABT have access to ERA Technology's wide range of RoHS compliance expertise, including technical guidance, materials analysis, reliability and failure analysis, and public training services'.

'We can also offer product scope and exemption consultancy for equipment which is within a grey area'.

'We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with TUV PS/BABT'.

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